Inside and Outside the Gates of Miromar Lakes

April 30, 2021

What Do The Most Popular Miromar Lakes Homes Have in Common?

As you find yourself searching Miromar Lakes for the perfect home, you’ll begin to realize that there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Every home in this Southwest Florida community is unique in its own special way.

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April 16, 2021

Miromar Lakes 2021 1st Quarter Report




2021 starts the year with a bang having the busiest resale quarter in recent memory with a staggering 52 homes sold! As a result of this, inventory is incredibly low with only 15 homes currently on the market. Be sure to contact a DMR agent to buy or sell in Miromar- we will get you the best price possible in the today's market! 





March 25, 2021

Advantages of Living in a Golfing Community in Florida

Are you an avid golfer? Do you have big plans to take up the game in the near future? Are you interested in convenient access to a world-class golf course?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to learn more about the many golfing communities located throughout the state of Florida.

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Feb. 23, 2021

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying New Construction Homes in Florida

No matter where you’re searching for your next home in the Sunshine State, you have an important question to answer: will you purchase a preexisting home or opt for new construction?

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Jan. 26, 2021

3 Benefits of Seasonal Rentals That Hotels Just Can't Have

Do you own a home, condo, or townhouse in the state of Florida? Are you seeking a way to earn some extra money during peak (and off-peak) tourism season?

If you answered yes to these questions, it may be time to learn more about the benefits of seasonal rentals.

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Jan. 13, 2021

Miromar Lakes 2020 4th Quarter Report




2020 finishes up the year with the strongest quarter for Miromar Lakes with 48 homes sold. 2020 as a year also tops the charts with 128 total homes sold. Inventory is low as a result, so be sure to work with the #1 transaction agent in Miromar Lakes according to the local MLS. 





Nov. 27, 2020

3 Ways Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club Is Like Paradise For Golf Lovers

Located in Miromar Lakes, Florida, Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club is like paradise for golf lovers.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing the game for many years or are just getting started, there’s something about this golf club that will put a smile on your face (12 months out of the year).


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Oct. 29, 2020

4 Reasons Why Real Estate in Miromar Lakes Is Number One In Florida

You don’t have to look far to find residential communities throughout Florida that have a lot to offer. From location to amenities, there’s no shortage of real estate opportunities

However, if you’ve yet to check out Miromar Lakes real estate in person, you’re missing out.

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Oct. 16, 2020

3 Reasons Miromar Lakes Homes Are Top Rated In Southwest Florida

One visit to Miromar Lakes is all it takes to realize why it’s regularly named one of the top resort communities in Florida (as well as the country as a whole).

If you’re interested in Miromar Lakes homes, you’re in luck: regardless of the time of year, there are always homes and condos for sale in the community. And with so many options, there’s a good chance you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.



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Oct. 9, 2020

MIromar Lakes 2020 3rd Quarter Report




The third quarter of 2020 sees a strong rebound from a weak second quarter. Not only is this the strongest quarter since 2015, but also home sales for the year are already higher than three out of the last five years. Market activity also promises for a strong closeout of the year in the 4th quarter.