Home owners are facing a difficult challenge. Today’s housing market is a minefield to navigate through thanks to steep prices, high mortgage rates, and limited home inventory. A real estate agent that knows the area is just not enough. Real estate teams like Dina Marie Realty have history and experience in the beautiful Miromar Lakes area. 


With over 570 homes sold in the area since 2017, you can say we know a thing or two about buying and selling in Miromar Lakes! We’ve asked our team for some advice to buyers, so read below to see what they had to say:

Know What Your Budget Is

We’ve seen it from time to time – a home goes under contract, and unfortunately, the budget just exceeds what the buyer can afford. There should be no disillusions about affordability to ensure you can get approved and sustain living in the home. Let’s start off with the four key questions on affordability: 

  • How much have you saved for a down payment?
  • How much does your household earn?
  • What debt do you carry?
  • What is your credit score? 

The conversations you must have with your real estate agent and lender should initially circle around these components. Your credit score is a huge factor that will affect interest rates on loans and have a direct connection with how much you can borrow. Your debt service (how much you pay each month) will be subtracted from the total amount you can spend on your mortgage, taxes and homeowners insurance. 


It is important to consider these components when thinking of affordability. We hate hearing horror stories of sales going upside down because of the buyer’s inability to afford a property.


Don’t Be Scared to Ask Questions to Your Agent


Miromar Lakes is a beautiful area, but there are things you may not know! Our DMR team prides ourselves in not only being experts in current trends and new developments in real estate, but also the luxurious Southwest Florida area. 


An open communication allows our team to understand what you’re looking for in a home and pair you with the perfect Miromar Lakes home. The truth of the matter is, the more you discuss your goals and ask any questions you have about the area… the more informed you will be during the house hunting process! Finding a home is only half the battle, after all – you have to live in the area, too!


What we ask for all buyers and even sellers is to get those lists of questions and concerns ready; our favorite part of our job is getting you the answers you need!

Decide What Compromises and Must-Haves You Need

Our team understands that purchasing a home is a completely exhausting experience. Touring and doing research on available properties is the part that people love, but what they love less is having to make the many difficult choices that come along.


Making a list ahead of time will help lessen the difficulty of working with the homes on the market. There are some crucial points that buyers may need to consider before they call Miromar Lakes their new home. 


We’ve fortunately made a list for you! Ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the smallest square footage I’ll allow?
  • Do I want a home built within the last 5 years or something older?
  • What is the minimal amount of bedrooms and baths I’d accept?
  • Will you be willing to pay for closing costs? 
  • Are there any MUST-HAVE amenities you’d like such as a pool, garage, etc?

Building these tips helps you understand what you are looking for and what is really important in the grand scheme of things. Planning for the 5-10 years helps you put things into perspective. For example, do you really need a three car garage if your children are going off to college in a year? These choices have real-world consequences and benefits.


Our Miromar Lakes Real Estate Team Is Here For You!


While it is easy to assume residential real estate is geared towards the sellers, you’d be surprised to know you can navigate around these issues with the right team. We know Miromar Lakes and we know what it takes to find a house worth the investment in unsure waters! If you are ready to ask questions and start the house hunting process, contact us here