If there’s one thing you already know when it comes to Miromar Lakes, it is that we live and breathe in luxurious living. All those who live here work hard together to ensure we are surrounded by nothing but five-star, cream-of-the-crop establishments, amenities and homes. When you choose to live in the greater Miromar area, you’re choosing to allow yourself to live the dream life you have always wanted.


We wanted to focus on something that is deserving of proper recognition — our four premier luxury home neighborhoods worthy of your time and attention. Read more below to find out what makes these new construction areas stand out above the rest of the competition.


The One and Only Positano


Positano is truly as one-of-a-kind as you can get for many reasons. Every property in the neighborhood is priced at high values, but a tour into any particular home will tell you that it’s worth every $ per square foot and more. Three story houses make sure you have a view of beautiful sunsets and lakes from miles away. 


If that’s not enough, the vibrant, lush gardens that surround each property with elegant palm trees supplements the many hours of daydreaming you can have if you reside here.


You can never go wrong with options on what to do during the weekend or evenings, either. Miromar Lakes’ renowned Beach Clubhouse is right around one corner, with the Racquet Club and the beach at the other. Residents of Positano have only one issue: deciding whether they want to stay inside their charming home or spend it out in our lively town.


Avellino Is Every Water Lover’s Perfect Home


If you are a fan of water, swimming and anything to do with the sea, Avellino is the place for you. There’s nothing more comforting than views of Lake Como stretching out for miles and miles. Having the honors of living in Avellino comes with the significant advantage of private boat docks. Can you imagine? Having access to the sea that is never more than a few feet away is a blessing few of us think of.


Any one of the nine Grand Estate Home Sites in Avellino ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet of space, featuring three-to-four car garages and expansive outdoor areas. 


Trust us when we say Avellino is one of the many reasons why eyes are always on Miromar Lakes.


Beaches Over Lakes? Both? San Lorenzo Is Your Pick


There is no such thing as a shortage of lakes or beaches in Miromar Lakes. Want one over the other, it’s usually right there for you to enjoy. Residents of San Lorenzo are for those who want it all. Not only do you have waterfront properties along the lakes like in Avellino, you will also find Estate Homes nestled like a work of art on white-sand beaches. 


Assuming you want a bit of a break from the boat life, there are also plenty of other options on dry land for residents of this wonderful neighborhood. You haven’t enjoyed nature at its finest unless you’ve visited the Botanical Park located on the lake. 


In terms of gated home communities, it doesn’t get more unique and diverse than San Lorenzo, either. You can have an estate that matches your personality to a tee, representing every little bit of hard work that’s gotten you to where you are today.


Messina Is Where To Go For Fully Customized Masterpieces


Whether you’re moving into Miromar Lakes or choosing to upgrade from within the area, the newest of the new is as good as it can get. Messina is the perfect opportunity to build a truly customized single-family home from the ground up. With five villas still available at the time of writing, hopeful new homeowners can decide everything from its architecture to whether it will be a one or two-story home. 


Once your perfect home is finished and you’re moved in, you’ll have easy access to Miromar Lake’s renowned Golf Club. Whether you want to watch people play while you eat your lunch at your balcony or participate yourself, fans of the sport will benefit greatly from living in Messina.


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Have one of their neighborhoods appealed to you? Maybe you don’t know where to start and all you want is to become a member of Miromar Lakes. Any one of our agents has plenty of advice available to help you come up with the right decision before you commit. As soon as you do, you can rest assured we are here to help make everything you want become reality! 


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