Moving from one home to another will never not be stressful. Even if it’s just across the street, you have a dozen hoops to jump through to get all of your family’s belongings to your newly owned house. Now consider hopping across state lines to start the next chapter of your life in “uncharted” lands! 


Whether it’s to pursue a great job opportunity, to enjoy an area that has a better cost of living or enjoying that sweet, hard-earned post-retirement life, there’s plenty of reasons to commit to such an undertaking. While it’s always exciting to make such a big change, not everyone is mentally prepared for that kind of event. Apprehension, doubt and the fear of the unknown can become a wall that stops us from jumping into such a commitment. 


We here at Dina Marie Realty – and Miromar Lakes as a whole – always love to add new people to our wonderful community. That’s why we feel it’s very important to help you prepare and simplify the things you can do before/after you move to another state to alleviate some of that stress so you can focus on making memories.


Start With Some Decluttering


Moving and settling several bodies a few hundred miles across the country can be difficult enough as is. It's even more troublesome if you have a lot of luggage to bring along with you. There’s no better time to downsize and clean up than before a big move, and it’s especially important when every pound being transported matters. 


Organizing and picking what will make the cut is a monumental task on its own, so we’ve narrowed it down into a few groups to start with:


Old Clothes: We all have a section of the closet with clothes that we wore back when we were still in the 2000’s. There’s plenty of reasons why we cling onto them, but it’s mainly because we’re too stubborn to admit it’s unlikely you’ll ever wear that particular outfit again. Now is a perfect opportunity to pick out old articles and weightier items like footwear and donate what is in good condition. Our community is very charitable and has an assortment of churches and donation centers that will be willing to accept any spring cleaning all year round.


Dishware & Kitchen Appliances: It’s easy to pick up more dishes and cutlery than your family ever needs over the years. What’s the point in hauling all of that with you down to Florida to join us? No matter how safely it’s all packed, there’s bound to always be some breakage. 


Loose appliances like old microwaves, blenders and toasters can weigh your boxes down quickly as well. Consider selling higher quality items to interested buyers and donating/recycling anything that has seen a fair amount of wear and tear. Trust us when we say you’ll be getting more of all of these items regardless. Give yourself room to grow!


Furniture: This should probably be an easy one. Rearranging your furniture within your own home can be troublesome as it is. Moving it long distances gets costly and tiresome very quickly. Now is the perfect opportunity to part ways with your outdated, bulky couches and bed frames. 


Most furniture pieces can earn you some extra moving funds when selling, and it’s a lot easier setting up a bulk junk pickup with your local trash company than it is to move it with your family and regret doing so. Besides, you’re starting fresh! Now’s the time to buy new pieces for your new, perfect, Miromar Lakes dream home.


Do Your Research


There’s plenty of things to mark off your list prior to making a move this big. You’ll want to know everything you can about the general area you’re relocating to. Local schooling if you’re bringing children with you to the greater Estero area, average commuting times, cost of living – a lot of considerations add up before you eventually choose your ideal community. Fortunately, we’ve already covered how you can select a gated neighborhood if that is your goal!


With the market fluctuating as it is, it can also be difficult to find a property in your budget to purchase outright. You might not – or in some cases cannot – wait for one to show up. It’s perfectly reasonable to consider a seasonal rental home. Miromar Lakes has plenty to view and consider, allowing you to live the luxurious lifestyle you want while making moves to purchase one to make it your own. 


It is especially important to map out your action plan if you consider anything like a new construction. Working with a Realtor early on in the process can make it easy to start moving on a listing you like even while you’re still in another state. The DMR team works as great in remote situations as we do in-person! 


Quickly Turn Your Stressful Move Into a Vacation


Congratulations on getting to this point. You’ve purchased a home, you’ve packed your house up and your family is ready to say goodbye to your old home and hello to the new. Some of the most stressful things await you on the trip ahead. Not everyone is cut out for a long-distance drive, and that goes double when it’s in several moving trucks with a chaotic family along for the ride.


With proper preparation (and a well-made budget), you can make the move into a vacation that helps you create great memories early in! Moving and settling down in an area like Miromar Lakes makes this as easy as could be. You can pick a few tourist spots – looking at you, Disney – leading up to your destination if you would like, but everything you need to enjoy yourself is right here as soon as you make it to the end. 


We’ve previously gone out of our way to list off a few particular things you can do within Miromar Lakes, which you can read here. Additionally, we know that the lifestyle of Southwest Florida is what everyone is looking for long-term. It’s good to know where everything is within Estero and beyond. Whether you’d like to quickly jump into boating, learn where all the beaches are or where to enjoy the best morning walks, we have you covered


Dina Marie Realty wants to make sure your decision to move to Miromar Lakes is one you can immediately enjoy. Let us help you from the beginning of the process all the way to the end. We promise capable team members who have answers to all your questions and referrals for anything you may need. Contact us today so we can prove it!