It’s the month for all things spooky, and some would say anything to do with real estate this year is REALLY scary – maybe even scarier than usual. However, it doesn’t have to be! We here at DMR have a few tips on how you can alleviate your fears and tackle your goals regarding buying/selling head on. Halloween won’t have anything on you by the time you follow through with our advice:


Connect with a Reputable Realtor


This could be obvious for most, but you would be surprised to find out how many try to fly solo when it comes to listing their property or attempting to sell privately. If you do, we sincerely wish you the best of luck! That is no easy task, and the current climate in the real estate market has done little to make it any easier.


What is important to remember is that most sellers are looking to become buyers immediately after the closing of their current home. The market may have slowed down a bit, but it is still busy as ever!


Barring investors or unique scenarios, a lot of Miromar Lake implants have little desire to ever leave the community once they’ve made themselves comfortable here. We don’t blame you! Finding a trusted, reputable Realtor ensures you’re well taken care of from beginning to end. 


Be sure to stick local with your choice, too! They usually have connections to inventory that aren’t publicly available or easy to find. DMR might have a few suggestions on who to get in contact with, wink wink.


Fewer Homes to Choose From? Not a Problem!


Having so little available in the market to put an offer on is a legitimately scary thing to deal with for hopeful buyers. The worst feeling is being financially prepared to take on the commitment of owning a new home yet finding it impossible to locate one that is perfect for you. 


It can be anxiety-inducing to strike out in every attempt at viewing a home or deciding if you should pull the trigger on a property or wait for something better.


Miromar Lakes is no exception. As indicated in DMR’s most recent quarterly report, we have had less sales in 2022 than in the last 5 years. We refuse to let that scare us, though! As Florida’s most productive and successful team of agents, you can expect to find us locating listings before they even hit the market. Just take a look at what we have recently sold and you’ll see that we have access to a variety of properties in terms of sizes, location and pricing. 


If you decide to trust DMR with your real estate needs, you’ll find that we are working for you even if there’s a waiting game involved. There is always a laundry list of things to do to keep you in optimal shape for negotiation. Our priority is making sure you can comfortably, quickly and confidently put down offers. And if new constructions you and your family may be interested in, you can rest assured that we will find you the perfect location for your needs. 


Contract Weariness No More


We wish we can say everything is perfect as soon as the home of your dreams is located and an offer is accepted. Things go awry at every corner regardless of circumstance. One of the biggest road humps future owners (and sellers) have to worry about is ensuring both sides settle on a contract that satisfies all needs. Horror stories of closings falling through last minute because of contracts exist for a reason.


DMR can help make sure there’s a happy ending at the end of that scary tale, though. We know our way around coming up with selling terms and offers that can meet your timeline and/or needs. Anyone can write down such a bold claim, but our history speaks for itself.


 Our owner Dina has more experience individually than entire teams in the area, and her expertise allows for smooth negotiations and closings on deals.


No Such Thing as Nightmares in Miromar Lakes


Dina Marie Realty is a full service real estate company. That’s one of the first things you see when you visit our website, so you know we mean it! Buying, selling, renting – regardless of what it is, it’s okay to have fears about the process at any point. Entrusting our team ensures you are taken care of every step of the way. If we haven’t cured those nasty concerns by the end, we didn’t do our job right. Full stop. 


Contact us today so we can prove we talk the talk and walk the walk. Your next Halloween will look a lot less spooky if you do!