If you live in the Miromar Lakes area – and if you’re reading this, you likely do – you are already very aware that there isn’t any other area in Florida like it. We live, eat and breathe in high-end properties from one corner to the next. Oceanfront mansions, beachside dream homes and luxurious amenities… They all coexist in one place to make residing here feel like perfection. 


Whether you already live here or not, there’s still one thing in common: it’s always great to window shop. It’s human nature to want more than what we currently have, and that’s okay! As gorgeous as every property is in Miromar Lakes, there is still a difference between the average and true luxury real estate. That’s what this article is about; what exactly is luxury, and how do you know what you’re looking at is the cream of the crop? How do you make your dream turn into reality by making one of them your own? 


What Exactly Is a Luxury Home?


It is important to know the difference between true luxury property and a nicely furnished and well-built home. Statistically speaking, a luxury home is typically priced in the top 10% of properties in the local real estate market. Some examples of luxury homes recently sold by the DMR team would be the homes on Via Cassina Ct ($2.7m) and Via Anacapri Ct ($3.6m), as well as (active as of writing) currently listed properties like Via Salerno Way ($6.49m) and Via Bellamare Ln ($4.3m). 


Looking between all three will show similarities: they all share large living spaces at over 3,000 square feet, share unique and prime living locations and are built with the most premium materials. They are worth every dollar it costs to buy with how rare and unique they are compared to the rest of the market. While it is common for luxury homes to often remain off the market since owners don’t tend to sell them, that isn’t the case for Miromar Lakes. Just take a look at our market reports to see how many are active, under contract or recently sold. 


Getting Ready to Purchase a Luxury Home in Miromar Lakes


Now that you know what a luxury property is and how to find it, you can start moving forward towards making one of them your own. As one might expect, the process can take longer and require additional attention to detail compared to a normal purchase. You never can be too safe and observant when it comes to such a large financial commitment, so we have a few tips and things to consider that might help the process become less stressful.


Firstly, and perhaps the most important, you do not want to do this alone. Hire and work with a Real Estate professional who has experience with luxury properties. It is especially vital to pick someone native to the area you are buying from. They will know the ins and outs of the process to help shorten some of the steps of a very long time investment. Since luxury homes don’t tend to stay on market for long, you really cannot afford to skip this step. DMR’s team has several decades of combined experience in both real estate and the Miromar Lakes area, ensuring your chances for success are as great as possible. It’s safe to say, we know luxury real estate like the back of our hands.


Luxury properties are those for their unique features and amenities that you cannot find in the average home. It can get tricky to pinpoint what exactly you and your family are looking for if you don’t make a list of priority items beforehand. Consider your ideal square footage, the ideal features and decorative furnishings you know you must-have, organize it by order of importance and provide it to your agent. This can save frustration and heartache from touring a home that doesn’t even have what you know it needs. 


It can go without saying that you will need to organize a budget for this as well. Be sure you are eligible to apply for a loan of the appropriate size, have enough capital for down payments and are financially prepared to manage the mortgage. Remember: this is where an experienced realtor can help in terms of recommending trusted lenders that they have worked with in the past. 


Last but not least, always tour in person. Virtual tours have improved greatly over the years, but if you’re committing to such a large purchase, you need the chance to use all of your senses to make the appropriate decision. 


We here at DMR have helped countless Miromar Lakes residents sell their luxury homes to buyers looking for their dream home. You can trust us to do that for you as well. Contact us now