Are you searching the Estero real estate market for the perfect home? Are you interested in living in a gated community?


If you answered yes to both these questions, you’ll soon find that there’s no shortage of options to consider. And while it’s nice to have options, it can also complicate the process as you need to eliminate some on your way to creating a shortlist.

Here are three tips that will make it easier to select a gated community in Estero:


1. Set a Budget


This is where it all starts. Unless you have unlimited money, it’s imperative to set a budget to guide you during the search process. You’ll find that your budget dictates which gated communities you should consider. 


2. Make a List of Must-Have Amenities 


With a budget in place, you can turn your attention to the communities that have the amenities you’re most interested in. This can include things such as:


  • Golf course

  • Clubhouse

  • Restaurants

  • Swimming pool

  • Playground

  • Dog park


You may not get everything you want in the end, but it’s important to have a list to guide you. 


3. Work With a Real Estate Agent 


You can learn a lot about Estero gated communities online, but you never really know what these have to offer until you visit in person. But since these communities are gated, you can’t simply help yourself. You need a real estate agent to get you through the gate and closer to homes of interest. 


Don’t consult with just any real estate agent. Find one who has advanced knowledge of the Estero real estate market.


With the help of the above, you should be able to narrow your options and find a gated community that fits most or all of your wants and needs. At that point, it’s time to compare individual homes with the hope of making an offer and closing a deal.