You don’t have to be dialed into the daily news to know about the real estate craze. It’s happening around you all the time. Homes are being put on the market one day and going under contract the next, with dozens of families crowding your streets to attend the most popular Open Houses you have ever seen. It’s taking place everywhere, but residents of Miromar Lakes and beyond are well aware of an explosion in activity and popularity since last year. So the question is — why? What makes Miromar Lakes homes stand out compared to the properties in our area? Why does it stand out as the go-to place to live for future homeowners in Southwest Florida? Let’s discuss.



A Review of the Market


Saying that Miromar Lakes was busy with buying and selling homes last year is an understatement. As you might recall from our Q4 report back in January, 2021 was its most successful and productive year in history with a total of 177 homes sold, seeing a 38% increase from 2020’s total of 128. Go back an additional year to 2019 and the yield is even higher, showing a growth of 172% in just two years altogether. Projections for 2022 are indicating the area won’t see quite as explosive of a growth, but trends tell their own story: Miromar Lakes will be a seller’s market for years to come.


What Does This Mean for Miromar Lakes Homeowners?


While buyers both in and outside of the local area will find that buying properties for family residency or for investments is currently competitive, sellers have no shortage of interested eyes looking the moment their house is on the market. Miromar Lakes is currently seeing homes possess the lowest average of days on the market in the past decade, with DMR’s own Dina Skaff having the privilege of selling a waterfront estate (3 bed + den, 4.5 bath, 4,621 square feet) in just under a single day this month.


It is true that an energetic market such as the one we are seeing now aids itself in the quickness of sales. Whether you choose the curated, tailored experience of DMR’s realtors or go elsewhere in your pursuit of selling a property, the universal truth is that you will be handing your keys away before the ink on the contract can even dry. 


With listings usually going at-list price or higher, Miromar Lakes sellers can ensure they keep up with the hot market if they choose to stay in Florida. 


How Dina Marie Realty Can Get You Every Dollar You Deserve


The DMR difference is ensuring you get the best possible value you can get for your home. Some agents sacrifice the quality of deal-making and reviewing offers for speed, but not us. We ensure every interested buyer is analyzed to its fullest potential, taking into account down payments being offered, whether they’re going over or under listing price, additional stipulations, if it is a family or an investor, and any personal preferences from the sellers themselves. 


Because despite how aggressive the market is right now, you deserve the chance to enjoy maximum profit from the selling of your home or property. Understandably so, Miromar Lakes homeowners find it difficult to part ways with the beautiful properties that decorate the town. As locals ourselves, we can empathize with such a big decision. You can trust in DMR as we know Miromar like the back of our hand, and we want nothing but the best for you, your home and the people it will be going to.